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26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want

26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want

26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want

Alright, be honest. In a room full of people, do you tend to hide in the corner? Blend into the wallpaper? Maybe even sneak under the rug? Yeah me too! But hey, cheer up! Even the shyest people can use certain psychological techniques that will persuade others to listen to them. 

These ideas can also help you to make a good first impression, improve your communication skills, and attract attention. 

Here are the Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want.

1. If you expect that someone might disagree with your opinion, take a seat not across from this person but next to them. Such a position is perceived as less antagonistic, and your opponent won't feel threatened. This way, they're more likely to consider your point of view. 

2. If you feel that awkward silence between you and a person you want to get along with is stretching for too long, ask them a question about their life. Even the shiest and most reserved people love talking about themselves. After that, they'll feel obliged to ask you a question in return, and the conversation will flow. 

3. When you meet someone for the first time, pay attention to their eye color. You don't need to remember it or anything, but this action will give you the perfect amount of eye contact. Eye contact is a crucial part of any social interaction, but how long it lasts is even more important. Not enough — and you look untrustworthy and shifty. Too much — and it's outright creepy and uncomfortable. 

4. It’s amazing how much more persuasive you'll sound if you say that your Mom or Dad gave you this or that information. Most people respect their parents and believe their words wholeheartedly. That's why if you say you heard something from your parents, others will subconsciously take it more seriously. 

5. The best way to make people think about some idea is to repeat it again and again. If your goal is to give your opinion on something, keep mentioning it in different contexts. Or you can keep repeating it throughout the conversation, every time with a different expression. Sooner or later, your companion will start to perceive this idea as their own because their brain will label it as an already familiar one. 

6. If a person hasn't answered your question completely or hasn't agreed with your point of view yet, keep silent after they finish talking. Silence is uncomfortable for many people, and It's a sure way to make people proceed. 

7. If you feel a person dislikes you, ask them for something insignificant to borrow, for example, a book you know they have. It will create some kind of a reluctant connection between you two. When you return the book, you're likely to share your opinion with its owner, and they'll most likely warm up to you. 

8. To help people in your social environment to trust you, admit your unimportant mistakes to others. People will perceive you as an honest person who isn't afraid to show their vulnerable side every once in a while. This will eventually work for your benefit: for example, people will be more likely to listen to your opinion in a dispute. 

9. If you need a person to do something for you, ask them to do you a bigger favor first. After rejecting something more difficult, people are more likely to accept a more easy-looking request (which is exactly what you need!). 

10. You can also give a person 2 options at the same time. One should be the favor you need and the other — a task that's more difficult to fulfill. By doing it, you'll make your actual request look like a piece of cake, and a person will agree to it with enthusiasm. 

11. If you tend to immediately forget the names of people who're being introduced to you (like I do), here's the trick. After you get to know someone's name, use it a couple of times right away. For one thing, it'll help you to reinforce the name in your mind. Plus, the person you're talking to will take to you immediately: people like hearing their names because it makes them feel important. Which they are. 

12. People like it when you listen to them attentively. A good way to show that you're paying attention is to rephrase what they've just said. It'll prove that you understand and care. 

13. When you're new in some group, tell a funny (and I do mean funny) story to see people's reactions. Those who are close tend to look at each other while laughing. That's how you can understand the connections between people. 

14. A rather well-known way to build rapport is to mirror someone's body language. But what most people don't know is that it has to be done subtly. Do NOT repeat your companion's gestures. You're supposed to only assume a similar overall body posture! For example, if a person you're talking to keeps a distance and has their arms crossed, they aren't likely to be happy with you standing too close and using open arm gestures. In this case, you should act in a more reserved way. 

15. When a person tells you something you don't agree with, don't object immediately. Say something along the lines of "I see what you mean" and then add your own opinion: "but  have you ever considered (fill in the blank)?.." This way, you'll be able to express your point of view without being opposed or interrupted. 

16. After finishing your speech during a meeting or negotiations, look people in the eye and wait in silence. A determined look always affects how other people perceive your words. If you lose eye contact during these intense moments, you won't look confident anymore, and people will lose interest after a very short time. 

17. If you're going on a first date and want it to be a success, add something exciting into the mix. The hormones released when people are excited, surprised, or even frightened help to create stronger bonds. 

18. Enthusiasm is contagious. That's why if you need people to accept your idea, get as enthusiastic and excited about it as possible. When people see this kind of emotion, most of them can't but feel the same. 

19. If you don't feel comfortable meeting new people or talking in front of an audience, trick your brain into believing that you do! Once you start acting as if you don't feel anxious, your brain will have nothing to do but adjust. If anxiety is still there, pretend that you know all those people you're going to meet. It'll help you to feel more at ease. 

20. Another unexpected way to calm your nerves is to chew gum! The human brain is wired in a funny way: it believes that when you eat, you're safe. Don't take me wrong: I don't encourage you to chew on a piece of gum during an interview or meeting! But it's a good way to ease your anxiety while you're waiting. 

21. When meeting people, it's crucial to give a good handshake. Not crushing, but also not too weak, and definitely no sweaty palms! Few people know, though, that cold hands make a bad first impression as well! Your hands should be comfortably warm. If they aren't, have a quick bathroom trip and keep your hands under warm water for several minutes. 

22. If you need someone to agree with you, nod your head while you're speaking. Your companion is likely to subconsciously mirror you and start nodding in response. It'll trick their brain into believing that they agree with what you say. 

23. If you want someone to make a particular choice, provide them with a list of at least three options, with the one you need them to pick being the last. People are more likely to choose the last item on the list because it's the freshest in their minds. 

24. Use the Halo Effect to make people like you! That's a psychological phenomenon when a good impression of a person is influenced by some other impressions or memories. For example, you're in a job interview. Try to figure out what you and the interviewer have in common. Let's say you're both Lego fans. Strike up a discussion about the newest products released by the company, and you'll feel how your interviewer warms up toward you! 

25.  If someone's trying to interrupt you by talking loudly over you, don't stop — keep speaking. The real trick is not to raise your voice. Keep it exactly the same as before. The person who tried to interrupt you will soon feel awkward and fall silent. 

26. Be as direct with what you want from people as possible. If you use the phrase "I need you to...," people will believe that you have the authority to request something (even if you don't). And if you want to play the “full authority card”, say "we need this and that to happen." Hey, where do they sell those “Full Authority Cards”? I’d like to buy one! Now it’s your turn.

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26 Short Facts That Explain Lots of Confusing Things

26 Short Facts That Explain Lots of Confusing Things

26 Short Facts That Explain Lots of Confusing Things

Just when you think you have this world figured out, all these questions pop up in your mind: why do car rides and rain make you sleepy? Why do airplanes have a hole in the tail? And which water extinguishes fire better, cold or hot? Those answers and plenty more coming your way! 

1. Storm clouds may seem to turn dark, but it's just an illusion. Thin clouds on a sunny day let the light through and scatter all the colors of the light spectrum. This makes us perceive the clouds as white. But the thicker clouds are and the more water they contain, the less light they transmit. Thus, they look darker. 

2. Leaves don’t really change colors – they just lose their green pigment. The green usually masks the others (red, orange, yellow), so without it, those warmer hues become visible. And leaves lose this green pigment (chlorophyll) in the fall because there’s less sunlight the chlorophyll can turn into food. 

3. Your own body makes bug bites swell and itch! When a mosquito breaks your skin, your immune system perceives the insect's saliva as a foreign substance and starts making histamine. That stuff sends more blood to the bite, which causes the area to swell. Histamine also sends a signal to the nearby nerves, making you itch! 

4. Zebras probably have their stripes as protection from bug bites. The stripes seem to dazzle the insects, and they can't make a controlled landing. They either come in too fast and try to avoid the collision at the last moment, or they bump into the zebra and bounce off. 

5. Most salt in oceans and seas comes from land. Rainwater, which is a bit acidic, flows over rocks and erodes them. The water collects the dissolved salt and other minerals, but it’s still drinkable at this point! Once it gets to the ocean, some minerals get removed from the water, but not the salt. Additional saltiness comes from underwater volcanic activity and hydrothermal vents. 

6. Rain makes you drowsy because the sky is overcast, and without sunlight, your body produces melatonin – the very hormone that makes you sleepy at night. The rhythmic rain sound is comforting and creates so-called "pink noise," which decreases your brain activity and improves your sleep quality. 

7. The ocean isn't blue, per se – it just seems like it. Its trademark blueish hue appears because the water absorbs all colors from the warmer part of the light spectrum – yellow, orange, and red. This works like a filter that leaves behind the blue-green color we can see. 

8. Your dog licks you because it makes them feel good! It releases endorphins in the animal's body, making your pooch feel safe, comfortable, and happy. It also relieves most of the stress your pet feels. Plus, licking is one of the ways your doggie can show you affection. 

9. Cats regularly lick themselves to prevent skin oils from gathering on their fur. But it also makes their coats less waterproof than, say, a dog’s. That's why when cats get wet, their fur becomes very heavy, and they don’t like it one bit! 

10. Your stomach “growls” when you're hungry because your digestive muscles are contracting to sort of warm-up in preparation for a coming meal. They continue to contract even after you eat. You just can’t hear it anymore because the food in your stomach is muffling the sound. 

11. No one knows for sure why we call it Black Friday. Probably because stores now open in the middle of the night, but originally, it was likely used to describe all the heavy traffic happening on this day. 

12. Cats love boxes so much because they make great hiding places. No predator can sneak up on them from behind, yet your cat can still observe its surroundings without being seen. The same goes for high places on top of tall furniture! (And, no, your cat’s instincts don’t care if there aren’t any real predators in your house!) 

13. Dogs kick their legs when you rub their belly thanks to the so-called scratch reflex. That perfect spot your canine loves so much is full of nerves that go straight to the spinal cord. When you stimulate them, it sends the leg muscles an order to get rid of the irritation. By the way, it’s a reflex, so your dog is probably as puzzled as you are when its leg starts moving on its own! 

14. Driving already makes you drowsier after 15 minutes into your trip. The reason is your seat vibrating at low frequencies, lulling your body and brain. And in half an hour, you can start having problems with alertness – even if you’re well-rested! Unless you don’t get drowsy in the car. In that case, care to share your secrets down in the comments? 

15. Flamingos turn pink because they live on a certain kind of blue-green algae and brine shrimps. This diet contains a natural pink dye that affects the birds' coloring. But originally, all flamingos are born with gray feathers! 

16. As people get older, their hair follicles start to lose pigment cells. That's why their hair gets more and more silver, white, or gray. But this process doesn’t just happen because of age – people can start losing their hair color at any stage in life! 

17. You ever noticed the hole in the rear end of an airplane? It's connected with the aircraft’s smallest engine that sits in the back of the tail. It provides the power necessary to start the main engine. It also powers up the cabin electronics until the main engines take over. 

18. A comet’s tail is created by the Sun. Its heat turns some of the comet's material into vapor and releases dust particles trapped in the ice. Then, solar wind and radiation pressure blow both the dust and gas away from the comet's nucleus. It creates not one but two tails: a gas and a dusting one! 

19. Most big space objects like planets and stars are round because of gravity. It pulls all the material from the edges toward the center. It’s equal around the entire object, smoothing out jagged angles on all sides. But if a space body is too small, like an asteroid, its mass and gravity aren't strong enough to form a spherical shape. 

20. The temperature of the water you use to extinguish a fire does matter. And surprisingly, hot water can put out the flames faster than cold. Coldwater won't start working until it absorbs enough heat to achieve the boiling point of 212°F, and that’s a waste of precious time. Hot water is already near its boiling point, so it starts to work sooner. But just FYI, the time difference is too small to run around in search of hot water if you have a fire at hand. You can use cold water too! 

21. Many emergency services use two flashing lights: red and blue. The red one adds the feeling of urgency to the situation. It's associated with warning and danger and is one of the most noticeable colors. But this color can get lost in heavy traffic since most cars have red tail lights. That's when blue comes in handy. Plus, using both red and blue lights helps alert even colorblind drivers. Usually, when a colorblind person can't see red, they see blue, and vice versa. 

22. Most cruise ships are white because they typically sail in hot tropical climates. The white paint reflects sunlight better than any other color and keeps the ship nice and cool. The same goes for airplanes up there above the clouds with the sun shining directly on them! 

23. You, on the other hand, sweat to keep yourself from overheating. When your body warms up more than normal, your brain reacts to this potential danger by releasing sweat from the over 2 million glands scattered all over your body! It almost instantly lowers your body temperature, even if you don't notice it. 

24. Bees make honey to have something to eat all winter when there are few or no flowers (their main food source). That's why honey is packed with nutrients and loaded with sugar – such high-energy grub helps bees survive the cold season. 

25. The holes in some types of cheese are made by bacteria used in the production process. When cheese is almost ready, these bacteria release carbon dioxide. While escaping, this gas forms bubbles that later become the cheese's "eyes." 

26. Fresh rain falling on dry ground smells so nice thanks to a unique mixture of ozone, plant oils, and bacterial spores. Oils gather in dry soil and rocks during a drought. After a rainstorm, they mix and release into the air. And, doesn’t it smell so good? 

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28 Fun Texting Games to Get the Truth About Your Friend

28 Fun Texting Games to Get the Truth About Your Friend

28 Fun Texting Games to Get the Truth About Your Friend

Yep, it’s sad but true we don’t meet with our friends and relatives as often as we used to several years ago.
But technologies that have replaced this real-life communication also helps us not to lose touch with our nearest and dearest, for example, by playing fun texting games!

1. Emoji challenge

Emoji challenge

Try to communicate all you have to say to your friend (for example, your latest news) with the help of emojis! Your friend has to interpret your message and tell you what you meant. For example, if you send an eye, a lion, and a crown emojis, your friend may guess that you’ve just watched “The Lion King.



Which stands for “What Would You Do?” Think of a cool hypothetical scenario. Then ask your partner what they would do if this situation happened in reality. The more bizarre and twisted the question is, the more interesting the game will get. “Imagine you’re home alone and suddenly, you see your fridge door opening. What would you do?” “What if you woke up and found out you were a dog. What would you do?”.

3. Abbreviations


It’s one of the most difficult texting games, but it’s also a lot of fun! Abbreviations are made from the first letter of a phrase, for example, LOL – laughing out loud, TBH – to be honest. In this texting game, though, you’ll have to abbreviate your current activity! Your friend will have to guess that “POMI” means Posting On My Instagram!

4. Name the song

Name the song

Text your friends a line from a song. The first player to name it correctly is the winner. If nobody gets the song from the first line, add another one and keep going until someone recognizes the song, or until your opponents admit defeat.

5. Story constructor

Story constructor

You start a story with a phrase or a sentence. Your friend texts you back with the next sentence. Keep going until your story is complete. It doesn’t have any sense? Don’t worry, it’s not supposed to! The main goal of this game is to have fun and probably get rid of the writer’s block.

6. Fortunately, unfortunately

Fortunately, unfortunately

This game’s also about storytelling. But this time, one of you creates fortunate statements and the other – unfortunate ones. For example, you write, “I woke up and went to work.” Your partner adds, “Unfortunately, I forgot it was Sunday.” Then you can come up with, “Fortunately, I remembered it was a day off before I got on the bus.” It’s better to play this game with an odd number of participants: this way, everyone will have a chance to create both fortunate and unfortunate sentences.

7. Friends tag

how well your friends know you

This game will show how well your friends know you. Send each other questions about yourself and your friendship, like “When did we first meet?” “Who’s my favorite superhero?” The player who gets the highest number of correct answers wins!

8. Truth or dare

Truth or dare

Yep, you can easily play truth or dare over text! Ask questions about things most people would prefer to keep secret. Decide what a player who refuses to answer will have to do: buy everyone a meal, pay a fine, or dance in the middle of a supermarket.

9. What’s the movie?

What’s the movie?

If you and your friends are into movies, choose a line from some film and ask the rest to guess the title. For example, you send “Hasta la vista, baby!” – and immediately get “Terminator 2!” in return. If the task turns out too difficult, you can offer some hints.

10. Rhyme It!

Rhyme It

You start by texting a phrase or just a word to your opponent. They need to answer with a phrase or a word that rhymes with the first one. Keep the game going until one of you gets stuck! In a truck. In the muck. You’re out of luck. Okay, I’ll stop.

11. Riddles


Riddles are fun, exciting, and can be easily played over the phone! Send your opponent a riddle. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too complicated – it’ll take all the fun out of the game. You can limit the number of tries your friend has to crack the riddle. So, let me ask you, “What exists until you get to know it, and as soon as you learn it, it disappears?” Write down your answers in the comments below!

12. Erudite

fun texting games

Pick a topic and ask each other questions about it. It can be something you studied at school or learned from the Internet. The one who gets 10 correct answers first is the winner. The main rule – no googling!

13. Most likely

texting games

You’ll need nothing more than a list of questions and a group chat to play this game. Ask your opponents something like, “Who’s most likely to order 5 pizzas and eat them alone?” Then everyone has to pick the person this question fits the most. By the way, I’m the correct answer.

14. Finish my sentence

Finish my sentence

You text the beginning of a sentence to your partner, and they have to finish it. Try to make funny, crazy, and unexpected statements – it’ll make the game more fun! Like “I’m bringing a giraffe to the office and…” Go ahead, complete this sentence in the comments!

15. Pre-set answers

You have to choose several words your opponents will use as the answers to all your questions. For example, you text them “coffee, tree, tram, laptop.” Then feel free to ask any random question: Where do you go to work? – Tree! What’s your favorite activity? – Coffee!

16. Would you rather?…

Would you rather?

You have to offer your friend two difficult choices. Make them as tough as possible. For example, “Would you rather talk like a monkey or look like a monkey?” “Would you rather end up hanging from a cliff or running from an enraged bear?” Fun, right?

17. Unscramble

Unscramble, texting games

One opponent picks a word, and then all the players have to use its letters to make as many new words as possible. Setting a time limit, for example, 20 seconds, will make the game tenser and more exciting. The player with the highest number of new words wins! How about you try to unscramble the word “dishwasher”? Waiting for your answers in the comments!

18. Category

Category, texting games

Pick any topic and take turns writing as many words that fall under this category as you can. Let’s say you’ve chosen words that end with “ave” – cave, behave, wave, save, and so on. Remember to set a time limit! The first one to run out of words loses.

19. 20 Questions.

yes or no

You choose a category, for example, a place or an object. Your opponent starts asking “yes” or “no” questions one at a time. Their task is to figure out your word in no more than 20 questions.

20. Associations.

You send your opponent a word, and they have to answer with the first thing that comes to their mind. Ideally, the reply has to be associated with the sent word. Set a time limit – 5 or 10 seconds – to make the game more exciting.

21. Where am I?

texting games

You have to make your friends guess where you are. You can send them some hints: “I’m surrounded by water.” – “Swimming pool?” You don’t have to be in the place you have in mind, it can be fictional. I’m on Mars….

22. Never have I ever…

texting games interesting
Unlike the “never ever” game played in a big company, its text version doesn’t involve drinking anything or doing some bizarre stuff. Each of the players has 10 lives (just like the number of fingers). You lose a point (one life) every time someone makes a statement about something you haven’t done yet. The main rule of this game – you have to be honest. Oh really!?

23. Questions Only

Your main task is to reply to your opponent’s question with a question of your own! Like “Are you a student? – “Are you rich?” You also mustn’t repeat any question you’ve already asked. Be fast. The player who makes a long pause or fails to reply with a question loses.

24. Let’s go to… (aka Take a trip)

There will be two main phrases in this game, “I’m going to…” And “I’m taking…” All of the players have to fill in the gaps starting with the letter “A,” then “B,” and working their way through to the letter “Z.” Like “I’m going to the airport, and I’m taking an alligator.” The player who gets stuck in some letter is the loser.

25. Last Letter Game

texting games

You pick a topic, and all the words you’ll say after that have to be connected to this topic. The first player says a word, and the next one has to think of the word that starts with the last letter of the previous one. So, let’s say, you’ve chosen the superhero topic. You type “Spiderman,” the next player answers with “Neutron,” and then someone has to look for a superhero whose name starts with “n” again!

26. Reverse.

Tell your friend about your day, news, weekend plans, but all the words in your texts have to be in reverse order. Your opponent has to respond in the same reverse way. Keep your communication flowing until one of you makes a mistake.

27. Who am I?

Pick a person: it may be a celebrity or someone both you and your opponents know. Start to describe this person until your partners guess who it is. To make the game more interesting, set a time limit or the number of guesses.

28. Funny pics

Pick a category and search the Internet for funny images or memes on this topic. Send these captions back and forth. There are no winners or losers in this game, it’s just fun. So there you have it.
Have fun!

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21 Most Extreme Comparisons You've Ever Seen

21 Most Extreme Comparisons You've Ever Seen

21 Most Extreme Comparisons You've Ever Seen

It’s a competitive world out there, eh? A global rat race for the title of the tallest, biggest, fastest – you get it. How about I make the most unusual comparisons and see where you can find record-holders of all kinds?

1. The world’s fastest/slowest roller-coaster

The world’s fastest roller-coaster is in the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The thing takes just 5 seconds to reach its top speed of 150 mph. You complete the 1-mile track in just over a minute and a half! And then you barf.

The world’s fastest/slowest roller-coaster
The slowest roller-coaster in the world is in Germany – and it’s a walkable one! Yep, your speed depends on how fast you can climb the steps of the 69-ft-tall structure! There’s a loop and everything!

2. The biggest/smallest sports stadium

The biggest sports stadium in the world is in North Korea – it can seat 114,000 people, which is the entire population of Springfield, Illinois.

The biggest/smallest sports stadium
To see the world’s smallest stadium, just look at your typical foosball table! Ok, fine, if we’re going by capacity, there are plenty that ties with 40,000 max – Russia’s Fisht Olympic Stadium, Rentschler Field in the US, Japan’s Ōita Bank Dome, to name just a few.

3. The largest/tiniest shoe size

Venezuela’s Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández has the largest shoe size today. He wears an unimaginable U.S. size 26. (The average for men varies from 9 to 12.)

The largest/tiniest shoe size
The tiniest adult shoes are custom-made for Indian actress Jyoti Amge, the world’s smallest woman. She’s just over 2 ft tall, and her shoe size is about a 2…in the infants’ department!

4. The biggest/tiniest house

The biggest private house in the world is a 27-story personal skyscraper that belongs to our Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani. The Antilia is 550 ft tall, almost as tall as the Washington Monument.

The biggest/tiniest house
The world’s tiniest house was built by nanorobotics researchers in France. The itsy-bitsy construction is so small that it wouldn’t even fit a mite! And still, the house has 7 windows, a chimney, and a tiled roof!

5. The largest/smallest public restroom

Porcelain Palace, the largest public restroom in the world, is in Chongqing, China. It’s not a single bathroom, but a gigantic 4-story, 32,000-sq-ft complex with 1,000 toilets! Hey if you’re there, mention my name and you’ll get a good seat.

The largest/smallest public restroom
The most compact loo in the world has to be Britain’s futuristic-looking Vertebrae Vertical Bathroom. It consists of 7 units (or modules) that can be rotated with a push. There’s 1 commode, a sink, the toilet’s tank, 2 showers (one a bit higher than the other), and 2 storage drawers.

6. The fastest/slowest train

The fastest train in the world is Shanghai Maglev. It runs along a high-speed magnetic levitation line at a max speed of 268 mph!

The fastest/slowest train
The world’s slowest express train runs in Switzerland. During the trip, the Glacier Express averages just 24 mph.

7. The most expensive/cheapest pizza

The most expensive commercially available pizza in the world costs $2,700 (or $250 for just 1 slice!) and is sold in an upscale Italian restaurant in New York City. Black squid ink dough sprinkled with one of the most expensive kinds of cheese in the world, caviar, and 24K gold leaves. Would you be willing to eat that much money???

The most expensive/cheapest pizza
And if we talk about the US, you can find the cheapest plain pizza in… Alaska! There, you’ll pay about $7.25 for a large one.

8. The biggest/smallest dog

The biggest dog in the world (if we talk about its weight) was Cloe, a Mastiff that weighed 365 lb, as much as a full-grown reindeer! Cloe lived in Tibet back in the ‘80s.

The biggest/smallest dog
The smallest living dog is Milly, a Chihuahua from Dorado, Puerto Rico. When the tiny thing was born, she didn’t even weigh 1 ounce and could fit in a teaspoon! Now, this itsy-bitsy pooch’s height is just under 4 inches.

9. The longest/shortest escalator

The longest outdoor escalator and moving walkway system is in Hong Kong. The Central-Mid-Levels escalator is 2,600 ft long and goes just one way at a time depending on rush hour.

The longest/shortest escalator
As for the shortest escalator in the world, it’s in the basement of More’s Department Store in Kawasaki, Japan. It has only 5 steps and is just over 2½ ft long. 10.

10. The loudest/quietest place

The loudest city in the world is Mumbai, India. Its noise level is more than 100 decibels, which is almost as loud as a chainsaw!

The loudest/quietest place
The world’s quietest place is a room in a Microsoft research lab in Redmond, Washington state. It’s so eerily quiet that nobody can stay there for more than 45 minutes at a time. Supposedly, you can hear your own heartbeat!

11. The tallest building/The “world’s littlest skyscraper

If you want to see the tallest building in the world, you’ll need to book a trip to Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is a jaw-dropping 2,720 ft tall, which makes it 2 times taller than the Empire State Building.

The tallest building/The “world’s littlest skyscraper
The “world’s littlest skyscraper” is the Newby-McMahon Building in Wichita Falls, Texas. It’s just 40 ft tall (roughly the height of a telephone pole) and got the nickname because it looks like a thin column.

12. The world’s tallest/smallest hotel

Next to the Burj Khalifa, there’s the world’s tallest hotel, the JM Marriott Marquis Dubai. This impressive construction is 1,165 ft high, which is even taller than the Eiffel Tower!

The world’s tallest/smallest hotel
And the world’s smallest is Eh’häusl it’s in Bavaria, Germany. The building is a mere 8 ft wide and has a floor space with square footage not much more than 3 parking spaces. No wonder the hotel can’t accommodate more than 2 guests at a time!

13. The tallest/smallest bridge

The tallest bridge in the world is the Millau Viaduct in Southern France. Its maximum point soars at 1,125 ft above the ground, which is — really high for a bridge.

The tallest/smallest bridge
The smallest drawbridge in the world is in Bermuda. There, Somerset Bridge connects Somerset Island with the mainland. The length of the bridge is a little over 2½ ft.

14. The most expensive/cheapest private jet

The world’s most expensive private jet is a Boeing 747-8 VIP. It originally cost $358 million, but customization took the total price up to $558 million.

The most expensive/cheapest private jet
As for the one with the lowest price tag, it’d be the small Cirrus Vision Jet that’ll set you back “just” $2 million.

15. The biggest/smallest school

The biggest school in the world is in Lucknow, India. It’s the City Montessori School, where you’ll find almost 40,000 students and well over 2,000 teachers!

The biggest/smallest school
The title for the smallest goes to an elementary school in the teeny town of Alpette, Italy. In 2014, it was attended by just one 8-year-old student.

16. The largest/smallest art museum

The largest art museum in the world is the Louvre. You’ll “Lourve” to see it! The Parisian landmark covers a total area of almost 783,000 sq ft – that’s over 13 football fields.

The largest/smallest art museum
The world’s smallest museum is in West Yorkshire, England. The Warley Museum used to be a phone booth, hence why this museum can only have one visitor at a time! It also changes exhibitions every 3 months!

17. The largest/smallest plant

The largest plant in the world grows in The Sequoia National Park in California. It’s a tree nicknamed “General Sherman,” and the giant is 271 ft tall, almost as tall as Statue of Liberty

The largest/smallest plant
Duckweed is the world’s smallest flowering plant. The thing is smaller than a grain of sand and has a tiny root with 1 or 2 leaves. The plant flowers every year and even produces a microscopic fruit!

18. The slowest/fastest animal

The Earth’s slowest animal is the three-toed sloth. Its maximum speed is 15 ft per hour! That’s why these animals don’t usually wander further than 100 ft a day and are pretty much stuck in one place.

The slowest/fastest animal
The world’s fastest land animal is the Cheetah. Its speed can reach 75 mph (that’s 26,400 times faster than the sloth), and the feline can go from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds!

19. The smallest parachute/The most massive canopy formation

Venezuelan-born stunt performer Ernesto Gainza Medina used the smallest parachute in the world for his 2014 jump in Dubai. His parachute’s canopy was just 35 sq ft (that’s about the same as 3 bath towels sewn together)!

The smallest parachute/The most massive canopy formation
The world’s most massive canopy FORMATION was created by 100 skydivers who linked up mid-air above Florida. Doing so, their combined canopies were as big as a Boeing-747. If just one skydiver had made a mistake, all the participants could’ve crashed into each other, which wouldn’t have been good, let’s just put it that way…

20. The smallest/largest reproduction of a printed book

The world’s smallest reproduction of a printed book is “Teeny Ted from Turnip Town.” The thing is etched on a microchip the width of a human hair! It’s impossible to read this book without a scanning electron microscope.

The smallest/largest reproduction of a printed book
The largest published book is “The Little Prince.” This record-breaking edition is almost 7 ft tall and over 10 ft wide when open! That’s over 200 times bigger than the book’s typical copy!

21. The biggest/smallest statue

The biggest statue of the world is none other than "The Statue of UnityThe Statue of Unity depicts Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875–1950), a leading figure in the nonviolent Indian Independence Movement, This colossal statue stands on the isle of Sadhu-Bet in River Narmada, at Kevadia, District Rajpipla in the Indian State of Gujarat. The Statue of Unity is an iconic 182-meter-tall.

The biggest/smallest statue

One of the world’s smallest sculptures has been accidentally crushed by a photographer’s finger, leaving the artist who created it shocked. Jonty Hurwitz, from Hampshire, uses a high-tech process called nano-painting to craft detailed representations of the human form in miniature. Some of his pieces are just 100 microns tall and so tiny that they cannot be seen by the human eye without a microscope. And that’s all I got.

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