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9 Signs You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize


9 Signs You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

Hey, So is there any possibility to know are you intelligent or not? and my answer is yes. these 9 signs will let you know about How intelligent, are you?
According to researchers and scientists, here are some proven ways to know whether you are intelligent or not.
Let’s start with this list from 9 to 1

9. You realize how much you don’t know

It’s as contradictory as it may sound, a true genius easily admits how much he still doesn’t know. You can be naturally great at making words rhyme or have a musical Talent the size of evolving but fail at physics more than that. You must definitely have some Concepts to explore even in your professional field if you can honestly say, I don’t know.
Instead of Ummm Oh, yeah, I have an idea of how it functions and then Googling the conversation topic like crazy. It shows you are an intelligent person. This idea is backed up by science Justin Kruger and David Denning worked with a group of Cornell University undergrads and published the results and their research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1999. They ask students to predict their scores after being tested in humor logical reasoning and English. Students who were Hundred percent sure they did outstandingly well ended up with worse results than those who were more critical of themselves.

8. You wear the same clothes every day

Have you ever noticed Mark Zuckerberg tends to appear in public in the same grey t-shirt all the time? We don’t think he doesn’t have enough money to take fashion advice or style up his wardrobe a more likely explanation of sticking to the same fashion routine is being a genius.
Psychologist Oliver Burkman has done some serious research on the lifestyle of the Brightest Minds in the world. He concluded that smart people tend to save up their mental abilities for more important things. Unless those smart people are fashioned, Miners or Lady Gaga? Of course.
We don’t encourage you to disregard fashion to wake up your inner genius, but this study does make sense. Some genius inventions, brilliant writings that can be created during that time you spent picking the perfect outfit for the day. So next time you see your geeky colleague don’t blame him for that gray Turtleneck is wearing every day.

7. You can feel what others are thinking

It’s not like you’re psychic but there are some signs of it. Do you know that when you’re talking to someone and they can’t find the right word or just postponing finishing the sentence and you do it for them? If you do you might be a genius.
Empathy is a sign of exceptional mental intelligence. If you are emotionally intelligent, you love meeting new people and learning new things. According to psychologist and author of focus the hidden drivers of Excellence Daniel Coleman. People who care a lot about others and can feel them well, succeed in life literally feeling the pain of others helps you understand life better. So you can excel at living it. You can even learn from the mistakes of others. Not your own genius isn’t it

6. You can perfectly control yourself

The ability to control instincts is what we know distinguishes humans from animals. Genius people went even further. They managed to overcome and control any impulses they have. If you can plan and achieve goals without being distracted by emotions, you are more intelligent than you might imagine.
You can even avoid getting in trouble by predicting the possible outcomes of this or that action. A group of scientists from Yale Princeton, the University of Minnesota and other educational institutions, tested a group of people in Nate, they offered the participants of the experiment to choose from being paid immediately or get money later, those who prefer to waiting and getting more money later had better scores on intelligence tests.
It showed that people who are not afraid and can control their actions including spending their money are more intelligent than those who find it hard to plan anything.

5. Your eyes are blue

Blue eyes look deep and sincere and sometimes piercing just think of Elsa from Frozen Let It Go, will you? There is more to them than that cold Beauty. American scientists have been long interested in their nature many of them believe that the blue eyes is a sign of natural superintelligence.
Professor emeritus of the University of Louisville Joanne Rowe has concluded light-eyed humans and even animals are way better at activities requiring self-pacing than the dark eye creatures. The fact that you were better at self-paced activities means that you like paying attention to every detail aren’t those qualities important for work with words and numbers. If you have dark eyes it is no reason to be upset though. The same study says that you are great at things requiring an immediate response because your reaction is super developed. Plus we still have a lot of Genius signs. You’ll find yourself in Like this one

4. When you’re upset, you know what’s bothering you

We all have those days when everything seems to upset us coffee doesn’t taste that good, The Shining sun is annoying, and if people are asking you what’s wrong, you only want to yell back at them even genius people get upset at times a lot in fact, but they know exactly what’s bothering them.
It gives them an opportunity to solve the problem and move on. Yes, genius people don’t stick to the past and they don’t blame everyone and everything around for their sadness. Psychologist Daniel Goleman explains
A Real Genius does not only address problems but also recognizes emotions when he feels them and not ignores them
A mind free of constantly bothering emotions and anger will more likely generate something outstanding.

3. You talk to yourself

You got to be kidding me. I always thought that talking to yourself as a sign of Madness not genius. It turns out it’s just the opposite, psychologist Daniel Squiggling and Gary Lupyan conducted a whole study on it the good self-talk according to them helps us sort the important thoughts from useless stuff going through our minds. It’s a way of singling out ideas.
Some of them might be a genius, listening to your own voice helps you understand yourself better. Maybe it was speaking to himself that helped out Einstein becomes one of the brightest minds of all time. Yes, it turns out Einstein used to repeat his lines to himself.

2. You can’t stand any background noise

If you feel like getting your noisy neighbors a one-way ticket to Barbados, you are not Super Evil, You are most definitely super-intelligent. Loud music and drilling annoy anyone but we’re talking about stomping, laughing and Loud talking kind of noise. A study conducted at
Northwestern University has stated that a genius hates any kind of background noise because it prevents I'm from concentrating on important issues.
Charles DarwinAnton Chekhov, and famous novelist Marcel Proust all tried to make their workplaces extra soundproof and wore ear Stoppers.

1. Your handwriting is messy

That’s just about everybody. Next time somebody criticizes your handwriting simply nod and say I’m sorry you don’t get it and Triumph on the inside. Messy writing is one of the signs of a genius. The creative disorder is a concept that was established long ago and there is even research that claims that it serves as a kind of fuel for those with a creative nature.
The results of this research carried out by Kathleen Vows and her team were published in a psychological science journal. Messy handwriting is also one of the signs of a creative Oh, thank goodness.
So did you recognize any of these signs in yourself? Or maybe you are now positive your best friend is a genius. lol.

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20 Psychological Tricks to Try on Your Friends

20 Psychological Tricks to Try on Your Friends

20 Psychological Tricks to Try on Your Friends

Hey, In this article we are going to learn 20 Psychological Tricks to Try on Your Friends.

How about you and me do a mind meld? Nah, I’m not Spock. Yep, we don’t have the power of mind control—uhh…yet—but the power of psychology is almost as good!
Yep, if you know what to do and what to look for, you can get exactly what you want from others… Here’s my list:

1. How to know what you want to know from another person.

When you need to get some info If you ask someone a question, and you feel like they’re holding something back or not telling the whole story, keep nice long eye contact with them and stay quiet. The long and silent stare will make them uncomfortable, and they’ll do anything to break that awkwardness. You’ll get your answers in no time.

2. How to get rid of the song stuck in your head.

You’ve got a song stuck in your head, and it’s getting annoying! This is called an ear-worm. I know we’ve ALL been there! Think of the END of the song. Your brain will interpret this as, “Okay, the song is over!” and will reset itself. Something called the Zeignark effect says that thinking about unfinished things or business usually leads to thoughts about other incomplete or unresolved problems. Your brain will get totally distracted from that song!

3. How to get someone to agree with you.

Do a lot of nodding while you’re making the point that you want someone to agree with. It might not work on everyone, but nodding gives the impression that you know what you’re talking about, and that you’re passionate about it. They’ll start to believe what you’re saying is true!

4. How to know if someone is watching you.

When you feel like you’re being watched… You know how yawns are contagious? You can use that to your advantage! If you feel like someone is watching you, make yourself yawn. Make sure they SEE you do it. After your yawn, look and see if they’re yawning too. If they are, now you know that they’ve been watching you. Maybe it’s a crush?

5. How to stop an argument.

Say you’re hosting a party and a group of people starts arguing. It’s getting pretty intense. What should you do?? Go grab some food for them! Eating has a calming effect, and everyone loves a good snack. They’ll subconsciously start to feel happier and more comfortable. Getting them to eat should break the tension.

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6. How to win Rock, Paper, Scissors – every time!

Maybe you play this game when deciding who should do a task that no one else wants to do. Here’s a secret that will help you win so that you never have to do those tasks again! Just as you’re about to start the game, ask your opponent a question. Right after your question, start the Rock, Paper, Scissors chant. Your opponent will most likely pick Scissors! Try it and let me know how it goes in the comments!

7. How to maintain eye contact while talking.

An extra trick when trying to keep eye contact We’ve all heard that keeping eye contact is important when you’re in a situation where you’re trying to gain trust. Not sure if you’re keeping it long enough? Try to take note of the other person’s exact eye color while you’re talking AND listening to them. Not just that they have blue eyes: is it one shade of blue, or does it get lighter around the pupil?  Do their eyes seem to change color? The amount of time this takes is the acceptable length of eye contact.

8. How to tell if someone is lying.

This one might surprise you! Yeah, we’ve all heard the most popular tried-and-true tricks of how to tell if someone is lying—if they don’t make eye contact, if they’re fidgety, etc. But how about this one: someone is probably lying to you if they leave out what is called sensory details. Honest people will include explanations of how something sounded, smelled, looked, or felt like, and these are often the most important parts of the story. If someone is lying, they’ll leave out these little details.

9. How to gauge the relationships within your friend group.

This works great with co-workers, too! When a group of you is together and laughing, pay attention to who looks at you the most, and who you’re looking at as well. While people laugh, they tend to look at who they feel they have the closest bond with! Bond. James Bond.

10. How to know if someone likes you.

This can work with friendships and romantic relationships. Pick a random word or phrase, and every time the other person uses it, or something close to it, smile and nod. If the other person keeps using that word or phrase, that means they like you!

11. How to make someone help you.

If you need help carrying something from someone who doesn’t pitch in Say you and your roommate are grocery shopping, and you have a lot of stuff! You’re talking and laughing through the aisles and it’s time to check out. Hand your roommate some of the grocery bags while continuing your conversation. They won’t even notice that you’ve handed them anything because you’re talking to them. They’ll take them and you can carry equal loads to the car!

12. How to show someone you’re a great listener.

Showing someone you’re a great listener (or at least, making them think so) Whatever your friend or date just said, paraphrase it and say it back to them. It will tell them that you’ve really been listening to them and paying attention! Because you have been! This is a great way to have a terrific and honest conversation.

13. How to know if someone doesn’t like you.

A simple way to tell if someone doesn’t like you Ask them if you can borrow a pen or pencil. It’s such a small favor that if they REALLY don’t like you, they’ll say no. On the flip side, they might decide to help you out (it’s such a small thing, after all) and decide that you’re not all bad!

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14. How to forget a bad memory.

If you want to forget something unpleasant We all have moments we’d rather not remember…so all you have to do is replace it with something positive that you DO want to remember ASAP! For example, if you have a bad day at work, come home and cuddle with your partner or your pet! Physical touch has been proven to be a serious mood booster. Grab ahold of something like their shirt (or fur)—this makes the moment much more tangible and easier to remember.

15. How to know whether you’re welcome in a conversation.

If you approach a group of chatting co-workers or friends and they see you coming, pay attention to their feet. If you’re welcome to join the circle, their torso AND feet will turn toward you. If they turn their torso toward you but not their feet, they’d rather you not join in. It could also point to whether they were gossiping about you. Just saying…!

16. How to look charming and irresistible!

When you meet someone for the first time, try to remember their name AND use it in the conversation that follows. People love nothing more than the sound of their own name! It might be hard, but it comes off super personable and thoughtful. You might have noticed that car salespeople use this technique a lot. 

17. How to know if someone being genuine with you?

If you’re talking and the other person is smiling at you, check for crinkles around their eyes. If they’re being fake, there won’t be any. This works the same way if you’re trying to tell if your friend really thought your joke was funny—if they’re genuinely laughing, there will be crinkles around their eyes. If not, they’re faking it!

18. How to stop being nervous?

If you get nervous in social situations, chew gum! Chewing gum makes you look engaged, and it tricks your brain into feeling comfortable. Your brain will send a message like, “We must be fine because if we were in real danger, we’d be running!” Plus, you’re doing something when you’re chewing gum, so it will make you feel more relaxed.

19. Make your boss let you off the hook—at least in public.

A must-know for the office! Have you ever messed up at work and know you’re going to be called out for it at the next meeting? Sit right next to your boss, or next to that co-worker who’s mad at you. Your physical closeness to them will make them uncomfortable, and they’ll be less likely to yell at you or create any more conflict.

20. How to make a memorable impression?

This technique works great on first dates or in job situations. It’s been said that people remember the beginning and end of something—a date, an interview, a meeting—the clearest. Try to be interviewed either first or last. Be the first or last to give your presentation. Plan your date for the beginning or end of the day. You’ll get that callback! Bonus: Make sure your hands are warm! When shaking hands with your potential future boss, having warm hands gives exactly that impression: that you’re a warm, kind, and open person! It will make them feel comfortable, too!

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Mobile Apps for students that keep them focused

Mobile Apps for students that keep them focused

Mobile users have been increasing every day to be precise and literally, everyone on the planet owns a smartphone. Thanks to the cheapest mobile manufacturers who made smartphones affordable to everyone.

So, In this article let us discuss the top android apps that help students to be focussed on their work and become more productive at least by a small percent.

These apps are not sorted in any order and they are special on their very own order as they seem to do something out of the box and increases the chances of students to concentrate on their work rather than buzzing around social feeds and games.

Technology can be a distraction and also it can itself help you out of this distraction and makes you complete your work on time and keep you concentrated.

Some of the best concentration apps that really work are as follows,

The Overview:

     Focus ToDo
     Focus Booster

#1 Engross:

Engross is a self-motivation app that has a simple and clean interface that helps you monitor urself all by yourself. Because this app houses a button called “I’m Distracted” which is clicked by the user whenever he is districted.

This Button when clicked shows you some of the motivational quotes to you and this will boost up your energy level for sure and this app encourages you to reduce the number of times you hit this button.

Engross is a smart concept that lets us analyze ourselves and improve our concentration every day that is completely out of our wishes and interests.

Link: App

#2 Focus ToDo:

Focus To-Do is a set of features that are combined together that helps you be focused to do small tasks and also enjoy some rewards at the end. The main feature of the app is the Pomodoro meter.

This app lets you schedule a 25-minute task and upon completion, the app lets you have a 5-minute break at the end.

This app features to do planner and task scheduling features that keep you updated on the task timely by providing reminders and keeps you focussed. This app may help you if you have smaller daily tasks that need more concentration.

Link: App

#3 Freedom:

Freedom is one of the more popular distractions blocking apps that you can use to prevent yourself from being sucked into timewasters like games or social media. You can select any apps from your phone which you want to be blocked while you have Freedom enabled.

You can also block websites. By default, the app blocks access to Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix websites. You can add your own domains to the block as well if you want.

You activate the blocks by clicking “Start a session” on the homepage, then you can work without being distracted. For more flexibility, you can set Freedom to run at specific days and times, and assign custom blocklists to your schedules.

Link: App

#4 Focus Booster:

Focus Booster is another simple and minimal productivity timer app. It has a pleasing pastel color scheme, although there is also a dark mode available if you prefer that.

Set the amount of time you want to work for and the app will start the countdown. Then, it will remind you once your session is complete. The app shows a notification on your lock screen so it’s easy to see at a glance how much longer you need to work for.

There’s an option to time your breaks as well and to adjust the length of your break times. Timesheets and session graphs are handy for freelancers to demonstrate the hours spent on assignments.

Link: App

#5 Forest:

If you’re looking for something fun and different, try Forest. When you want to focus on a task, you “plant a tree.”

As you work, the tree will grow from a seedling to tree and get taller and taller. But if you switch to another app, the tree is killed. This discourages you from playing on your phone when you’re supposed to be working.

You can customize the duration of your work sessions. As you work, you’ll see a beautiful and calming forest growing on your phone. Keep earning rewards and unlock different tree species to plant for a richer “virtual forest” with this gamified timer.

Link: App

#6 Space:

Space is a beautiful concentration app. You can set goals for how long you want to concentrate each day and track your daily progress.

Other tools include blocking of apps and notifications, dimming your screen to make your phone less appealing, and getting reminders to stay on track.

There are profiles for different types of users as well—whether you’re someone who gets distracted because you want to check the latest news headlines, or you’re someone who wants to catch up with what your friends are up to on social media.

Link: App

The GoodBye Part:

These are some of the apps that got my attention and even helped me to get focussed on my works and I hope this helps you to.

Share your views on the comment section below. Thanks for spending time here.


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Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine.

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine

People have always been dreaming of conquering other galaxies and exploring space far away from our home.
But the thing is that there are enough enigmas in our own Milky Way galaxy! Even better, there is one right inside our Solar System!

This mystery is lurking somewhere on the outskirts of the planetary system, puzzling astronomers to no end.
Once upon a time, scientists noticed that something bizarre and inexplicable was causing chaos out there, in space.
A mysterious celestial body was influencing the orbits of six smaller object in Kuiper Belt, far, far away from our home planet.
This something got the name of “Planet Nine” and a much more offensive nickname “Fatty.”
Well, no wonder: the thing was 10 times heavier than Earth! But soon after astronomers started to research the hypothetical planet, things took an unexpected turn.
But before I tell you all about this new development, let me summarize

Everything I know about Planet Nine.

So, as I’ve already mentioned, the thing is massive: more than 10 times bigger than Earth and around 5,000 times as large as Pluto!
That’s why the planet might have great gravitational force. It also means that Planet Nine is likely to be an ice giant.
You see, rocky planets, like Mars or Earth, can’t grow bigger than a certain size because they are, well, pieces of rock.
If they became as huge as Saturn or Jupiter, they would turn into ginormous gas giants as well.
But ice giants are another matter: they aren’t as massive as gas giants but have a similar atmosphere.

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine
And since it seems that Planet Nine doesn’t have the impressive size of a gas giant but is bigger than any rocky planet, there can be only one conclusion – an ice giant!
If “Fatty” does exist, people will most likely have to rewrite astronomy books! We used to believe that Neptune is the furthest planet from the Sun.
But now, it may turn out that Planet Nine is the champion, being 20 times further away from the center of the Solar System than Neptune!
In other words, it’s 56 billion miles away from the Sun, and NASA’s New Horizon Probe would need more than 50 years to reach the mysterious planet!
By the way, the probe got to Pluto after only 9 years of traveling through space.
Also, if you lived on Planet Nine, your year would last 10,000 to 20,000 Earth’s years!
That’s the time “Fatty” needs to orbit the Sun because of the immense distance between these space objects.
And if it’s difficult for you to visualize how long it is, just think of this: the last time Planet Nine was in the same place, mammoths were still roaming our planet.

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine
Oh, and there were barely a few million people on the whole Earth. Of course, until scientists see Planet Nine with their own eyes, they can’t say for sure that it exists.
But the evidence they have is quite solid, and the chance that the planet doesn’t exist is really small – like one in 15,000!
Otherwise, why would 13 space objects outside the orbit of Neptune behave so strangely, clustering and tilting in a weird way? Only if a massive, far-away planet made them all swing in one direction!
And since there is no other massive planetary body in that area – hello, Planet Nine! Beware, astronomers are on the hunt!
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Obviously, with such an enormous distance separating Earth and the hypothetical planet, it’s bound to be very difficult to spot “Fatty.”
But scientists don’t give up hope: they’re looking for the planet using infrared equipment.
If Planet Nine does exist, it’s supposed to leak infrared radiation. But so far, all that scientists have detected is weird gravitational effects on the outskirts of the Solar System.
But then, what if Planet Nine isn’t a planet at all? The idea, which first appeared in 2019, suggests that the object that has created all this hullabaloo, might be… a black hole! Wait, wait, wait.
Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine
Does it mean it’s going to swallow us and all the Solar System? Astronomers have divided all black holes into three groups: supermassive black holes, intermediate-mass black holes, and stellar-mass black holes.
The supermassive black hole closest to Earth is Sagitarrius A*, perched almost in the center of our home Milky Way galaxy.
Such supermassive black holes are gargantuan, they can control the way stars form and, being awake and feeding, they can be the brightest objects in space.
But even small black holes are still way bigger (and, honestly, even more impressive) than our Sun. Around black holes, there are swirling discs of material, and the whole picture resembles water going down a drain.
Black holes generate so much radiation that even astronomers on Earth manage to detect it with their telescopes.

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine
But apart from these impressive giants and smaller holes, there might be one more type of black holes – primordial.
The problem with them is that scientists have never got any real proof of their existence – they just suppose that there are primordial black holes somewhere out there.
These holes are insanely old and quite tiny (of course, by black hole standards).
Astronomers believe that they appeared some milliseconds after the Big Bang and might have witnessed the whole history of the Universe.
At that time, not even stars or galaxies were born yet. By now, the smallest primordial black holes are likely to have evaporated away, but the bigger ones can still be scattered around the Universe.
As for how primordial black holes appeared in the first place, in the very beginning, space wasn’t the same. In some places, it was hotter, in others – cooler, and some regions were denser.
It sounds like some of the people I hang out with. Scientists suppose that these dense areas could collapse into primordial black holes.
But the most interesting thing is that these holes are likely to be so small exactly because they popped up right after the Big Bang! The longer it took them to appear, the larger they were.
The difference could vary from the mass thousand times greater than that of the Sun to the weight of a Jelly Bean. But let’s return to Planet Nine – or should I call it Primordial Black Hole Nine now?
Once again, astronomers haven’t seen the planet with their own eyes. The only thing that proves its existence is how it influences the behavior of other space bodies.
But let’s not forget that black holes are also notorious for their gravitational pull! So, why don’t we suppose that the thing hiding on the outskirts of the Solar System isn’t a mysterious, unidentified planet, but a mini black hole?
But even if this guess is correct, you have nothing to worry about: Earth isn’t in danger.
Primordial black holes are too small and weak to cause any serious harm to our planetary system.
But at the same time, they can mess with objects careless enough to get too close. (slurp – oops!) But what made astronomers come up with the idea of primordial black holes at all?
For one thing, it was an inexplicable brightening of stars, as if some massive but almost transparent object was passing in front of them.
What’s more, these stars not only started to shine brighter for a brief moment, but they also seemed curved, as if you were looking at them through a giant magnifying glass!
Besides, when scientists created a computer model of a primordial black hole 5 to 10 times as heavy as Earth and with an orbit very distant from the Sun, they got really interesting results.

Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine
The pattern of this model resembled the events happening in the region of Kuiper belt a bit too much for it to be a coincidence!
And finally, a primordial black hole would explain why hypothetical Planet Nine can’t be seen and doesn’t produce infrared radiation.
But one of the main reasons why astronomers would be ecstatic should Planet Nine turn out to be a primordial black hole is the mystery of dark matter!
You might know that scientists are still in the dark (yes, the pun was intended) about what exactly dark matter is, which makes up to 30% of the Universe.
But guess what? Primordial black holes could be the very dark matter astronomers are searching for! Or at least, a kind of dark matter named MACHOs (which stands for massive compact halo objects).
Well, it makes me believe that with astronomers being so motivated, we’ll soon get to know the real nature of Planet Nine slashes Primordial Black Hole! Or maybe — it’s only a half-mass black hole… can’t wait to find out! 
If you enjoyed reading "Where is Planet 9? Everything you need to know about Planet Nine" than please let me know in the comments and stay tuned for more. 

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The Pareto Principle - Do more by doing less - 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle - Do more by doing less - 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle - Do more by doing less - 80/20 Rule

Have you ever been interested in becoming more productive or managing your time better?

Then you've most likely come across the Pareto Principle before, also known as the 80/20 rule.

If you've never heard of it, then you'll learn more about it in this article. The Pareto principle states that:

In any situation, 20 percent of the inputs or activities are responsible for 80 percent of the outputs or results.

And I'll explain what that means, The principle was named after an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto. He first observed this law in his garden.

What he noticed was that 20% of the pea pods generated 80% of the healthy peas. This observation led him to discover that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by just 20% of the population.

And we can even see this concept everywhere in our daily lives. For example, You wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.

In a book, 20% of its pages contain 80% of the most important information.

20% of the company's customers, produce 80% of the company's revenue When it comes to Blogging, 20% percent of my content generates 80% of my views.

The Pareto principle shows up over and over again, in almost every field. But the inverse is also true. That means that the other 80% is only generating 20% of the results.

However, you should note that this is not a universal law, and it can differ in many situations. It's not always going to be 80/20, it could be 70/30, 90/10, basically anything.

The point is that the majority of results come from a minority of causesAnd the minority of results come from the majority of causes.

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How to use this principle in your everyday life (The Pareto Principle)

Now that we've established that this principle does indeed hold, let's take a look at how you can use it in your everyday life.

Time is our most precious resource. We all have the same amount of time in our day. But most of us don’t use that time efficiently.

There's a difference between being busy and being productive. Most people think that working more hours will get them more results.

However it's not about the time you put in, it's about how well you spend that time. If you haven't applied the Pareto principle in your life yet, you're most likely just being busy.

However, when the principle is utilized correctly it enables you to do more by doing less. If we go back to our previous example, we said that 20% of a book will give us 80% of the information.

That means that 80% of a book will only give us 20% of its value. Let's say it takes you 10 hours to read 100% of that book.

By applying the Pareto principle you know that 80% of the most important information can be found in just 2 hours.

Yes, you could go deeper and learn more in-depth if you wanted to, but note that you will most likely have to spend 8 hours to get that extra 20 % of the information. It's up to you to decide if you think it's worth it.

If you're still in school you can also take advantage of the 80/20 rule. The exams never contain 100% of the content. Never. Otherwise, it would be a 50-page exam.

You can get a good grade by identifying, which 20% of the content you were studying in class, is the most important. Studying the right topic for two hours will get you a much better grade, than studying the wrong topic for a whole week.

Again, you could reread every single page of the textbook and get that 100%. But if being a top student is not your priority, then it just might not be worth your time.

You can even do a Pareto analysis of your friendships. What you're most likely to find is that 20% of the friends, give you 80% of your fulfillment and joy, that you get from social interactions.

The other 80% of your so-called "friends" are only giving you 20% fulfillment. Now you don't have to cut away those friendships completely, but you don't have to spend an equal amount of time with all your companions.

It's much better to have a few close friends than to have a bunch of really distant friends. This is why you should spend more time on the 20% that gives you the most satisfaction and commit less time to the other 80%.

And that pretty much sums up the Pareto principle aka the 80/20 rule. It can be applied to almost any area of your life, whether it's business or free time.

If you can identify the 20% that produces the greatest outcome, you can spend more time doing that, to create an even greater pay-off.

It also helps you cut back on 80% of things that waste your time, which creates only 20% of the results. It encourages you to think efficiently and focus on what is important. So think about what are some of the things that you could double down on, and which ones you should eliminate.

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