Why is Xiaomi devices so cheap even with high specs?

Why are Xiaomi devices so cheap even with high specs?

Why is Xiaomi devices so cheap even with high specs?

Well, this is the question asked by millions. In this article, we would try to cover up this topic in the most simple way possible.

Xiaomi is a brand that originated from China, and it is one of the most recognized and popular among all of them. It is a big scale company so product pricing is affected in various ways. From this sentence, we can extract that the company’s production is comparatively huge, and by huge we can conclude that the costing of products will definitely get reduced.
then “Why Samsung’s products aren’t as cheap as Xiaomi’s products Samsung also has large production units too?”. To understand this we first have to study some of the examples first.

Have you ever noticed Xiaomi advertising here and there like T.V. commercials, roadside hoardings, website ads, well no and for now it does but comparatively less than these brands. These are one of the major reason for the low cost of production this cost-cutting measurement reduce the product price very drastically. And another factor for the product pricing could be the lack of physical stores. 

Why are Xiaomi devices so cheap even with high specs?  

Xiaomi till date hasn’t had any physical stores in India (now it has). Earlier it only had stores in china. Xiaomi was used to be sold exclusively on online stores and it was the only advertising it was doing in those days. It saved the company a whole lot of money like employment expenses and setting up store expenses and many more.

And another most important reason for the cheap product price was the competition level.

Xiaomi had a lot of competition lying around to hunt this company down all the pre-established companies like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, Google. 

These were the companies who were predominating the markets, Xiaomi had to reduce the prices to compete with these companies and that is what exactly company came up with cheap products, some of them looked a likes, some of them were high specs in low prices and that is what that grabbed peoples attraction and soon it became popular and sales got boosted in Chinese markets as well as international markets.

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