Why Joe Biden Will Forever Be A Man Of The People

Joe Biden is one of the most respected men in politics. He’s an expert on the struggles of everyday Americans, but he also knows how to have fun and make people laugh. He isn’t afraid to get real, even if it means admitting his mistakes or talking about his family—which is something we all can relate too!

Biden’s an expert on the struggles of everyday Americans.

Growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden was not insulated from the struggles of ordinary Americans. His family was working-class and he grew up with his grandparents after his father walked out on them when Joe was two years old. He attended Catholic schools through high school before going to college at Miami University in Ohio where he majored in Economics and History (with a minor in Foreign Affairs).

When he graduated from law school at Syracuse University, Biden returned home to take care of his dying mother – who passed away when he was just 28 years old. He then moved back into her house along with his wife Jill whom he married five months later; together they raised three children: Beau (now deceased), Hunter, and Ashley.

He isn’t afraid to get real.

  • Biden is not afraid to get real.

When he announced his candidacy for president in 2007, Biden said that he was running because the country needed a “man who could be a great leader.” And while there are many things he has accomplished in his career as vice president and senator from Delaware, one of them is being able to listen to and take criticism from constituents. You can see this when you watch him on television: He takes questions from voters about their problems with health care or immigration policy or tax reform (or whatever else). The best part? He often answers them honestly—even if it means going against conventional wisdom or alienating other politicians who have been more successful in the past.*

  • His honesty isn’t just reserved for his own campaign speeches; it’s also evident during interviews with journalists outside of politics as well.*
  • And while we’re talking honesty here…

He knows where he came from.

The vice president has a deep understanding of what it means to come from the working class. He grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where his father was the mayor and his mother worked at a steel plant. That’s where he learned firsthand how life can be difficult for some people.

“I feel like I’ve lived through it,” Biden said during an interview on “60 Minutes.” “I understand it.”

Biden went to college on scholarship because his family struggled financially while he was growing up—but it wasn’t easy getting there either: His childhood home was so small that neighbors would hold their noses when they passed by because they thought the smell coming from inside was too strong (it wasn’t).

He’s a rock for the people who love him.

Joe Biden has been a rock for the people who love him. He’s a strong leader who knows how to relate to the common man, and he’s shown this time and again throughout his career. When he was vice president, he made sure that all of his staff received equal pay regardless of gender, race, or nationality. In fact, many employees say this was one reason why they stayed with Biden for so long—they knew that even if someone had different priorities than them (or even if some bosses were jerks), it didn’t matter because there would always be someone else around who cared about them as much as they did!

The same goes for when things got tough during his tenure as Delaware senator: not only did Biden still show up at work each day despite having lost everything financially due to foreclosure after losing millions on bad investments; but also everyone knew what we’ve come back from before: no matter what happens next—good news or bad news—he’ll always be there.”

In addition to being a strong leader, Joe Biden is a compassionate person who relates to Americans.

One of the reasons Joe Biden will forever be a man of the people is that he’s also a compassionate person. In addition to being a strong leader, he’s relatable and connects with Americans on an emotional level. It doesn’t matter what political party you’re from—Joe Biden has always been your friend. As an example, here are some things that made me feel warm inside:

  • When my son was born in 2000 (he was a month old when this article was written), the first thing I did was call up my senator and ask him how I could help with healthcare reform. He said “call your congressman,” which is how we got Obamacare passed! And then when people were suffering under his watch as VP… well… let’s just say they didn’t suffer very much at all!


We hope you enjoyed learning about the great qualities that make Joe Biden such a kind and compassionate man. We hope he continues to serve as President of the United States, because we could all use a little more kindness in our lives!


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