Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?

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Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?

I have seen numerous scams happening online but this one is the most fascinating one, I am sure if you don’t really know about this you are surely going to be the next victim.

So there are many apps on my phone but one of these is the Telegram app. I remember that this app is on my phone for like 6-7 months and I rarely use it. So, many and even I use this app to watch pirated movies just being honest. If you don’t know then I’ll tell you, there are many groups in Telegram and each group has almost 3-10k of members they all just share downloadable links of latest Hollywood as well as Bollywood and Tollywood movies. So, this is all that I know is going on in this app, and it is no big surprise, Piracy is one the most common thing happening online. So, it was all looking obvious and common until last night. 

So, the last night I was just checking for the new movies. Then I came across this message which said “click on this link to download this movie” ok sure why not. Then suddenly I was redirected to this group. 

Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?
So, looking at this screenshot it says Apple Macbook for only INR 3500. I was like wtf, is that even true. And not only Macbooks this guy was selling may other products like One plus 7/7 pro, Iphones, premium Samsung phones with this fucking mouth-watering prices. No prices were higher than 5000, can you believe this? Absolutely no.  

Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?
Just have a look at his catalog.

Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?
And this guy even has some proves of his so-called happy customers and just have a look at the number of subscribers he has.

Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?
Then I really got curious about it, and I started researching this on Telegram, then I’ve found many other groups are doing the same thing. They all just stopped sharing the latest movies instead they all started selling products at a cheap rate.

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Ok now let me explain what exactly is going on here. These guys are claiming that they are carding experts. So, carding is nothing but stealing someone else credit or debit card details could be availed through various sources or even through the dark web or darknet. And buying the product of your wish from reputated sites like Amazon and Flipkart and sending the product at your doorstep but here, the condition is this, first payment and then they will place your order and no COD is available. So basically, they will buy you the product fraudulently as per their claims. After this, I really got curious to find out does this trick even work. Were they able to catch some fishes in their nets? guess what? of course, they really managed to make a huge profit out of it, because they fooled many people.

So, here’s one of the victim’s video that I found on YouTube. This video will surely make you clear about this scam.

I hope you really extracted some precautious measures to take care when dealing with such situations in the article “Biggest Scam on Telegram: Buy Macbook Pro in just INR 3500?” If you have any other suggestions or if you have any personal experience then please feel free to comment. Stay tuned for more. 

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