What if Social Media is Your Family…

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Written By Tanuj Sarva

Tanuj Sarva aka TJ is an entrepreneur and passionate writer. He loves reading books and watching documentaries. He explores various topics and has an ever-learning mindset. Read his latest blogs on this website which he owns Iynk.in | Information You Need to Know

Ever imagined, What if Social Media is Your Family. I wonder you might have not. But hey, there’s no limitation for imagining. If so, then what would be there roles?

“Whatsapp” will be “mother”

“Instagram” will be “Sister”

“Facebook” will be “Brother”

“LinkedIn” will be “Dad”

“TikTok” will be “Member that we’ve lost recently”

“YouTube” will be “Grand Farther”

“Telegram” will be “Grand Mother”

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